Education / PhD Programs

ISSCM announces admission to the postgraduate programs, providing advanced training in the fields of:
  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

The foreign applicants must have Master's or equivalent degree from a recognized academic institution. Admission tests are held annually at the middle of September. Applications (ссылка на Application form) are accepted from the end of August. Applicants take the exams for subject and foreign (English, if it is not native) language.

Duration of training – 4 years. It can be reduced in accordance with an individual plan.

Agreed price for the entire education period (overall cost of education services) shall be US$ 4000 (four thousand dollars).

In some cases, tuition fee may be negotiable. In any case it is not more than 1000 US dollars per year.

Postgraduate Department Contacts:
Tatyana Shakhtshneider, Dr. Sci. (Chem.),
Phone: +7 383 332 53 44,