Education / Apply to PhD programs

You should fill in and send us an application form.

The following documents you should send with the filled application form:

  • Scanned copy of education certificate;
  • Scanned copy of the first page of your valid passport;
  • Your CV;
  • Your motivation letter.
After you have filled out the application form, a selection committee will examine your application within 2 weeks. If you are accepted for enrollment at ISSCM, you have to get your education documents legalized.
  1. All international students coming to Russia for studies have to legalize their education documents
    • For member countries of the Hague Convention: have an apostille affixed to your education document (Ministry of Education at the country issuing the education document from the country of graduation).
    • For other countries: The copy of your education document must be stamped by two organizations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs at your country of graduation and the Consulate/Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country).
  2. Legalized education documents have to be translated into Russian and notarized. Copies of your legalized documents have to be sent to the ISSCM Foreign department:

    The legalization procedure of your documents may take a long time (up to one month). Please, take care of this issue in advance. You can get information about the terms at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Consulate/Embassy of the Russian Federation.


After receipt of the copies of your legalized documents, the ISSCM Foreign department will start the procedure for issuing a visa invitation.

List of required information for issuing the invitation:

  1. Copies of all the pages of your international passport (for EU citizens, only the pages with your photo and passport validity).

    Your passport should be valid for 1.5 years before you enter the Russian Federation.

    You can get information about the requirements at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Consulate/Embassy of the Russian Federation.

  2. Place of permanent residence (country, city).
  3. Place where you are you going to apply for a Russian visa (country, city of the Russian Consulate/Embassy)
  4. Place of work/study: name, address.

The procedure for issuing the visa invitation takes one month.

The ISSCM will send the invitation after receipt of the copies of your legalized education documents.

At this stage, you will get:

  • a study contract (Agreement) (you can see here);
  • a contract for the registration fee (covers issuing the visa invitation, migration registration and visa renewal after your arrival to Russia). This will start the procedure of issuing a visa invitation.
You have to pay the tuition fee before arrival at the Institute (payment schedule is specified in your study contract). The contract for the registration fee has to be paid in rubles after your arrival at the Institute Casher’s Office. Cost: 130 dollars.
There are two ways the Institute can send you a visa invitation:
  • An electronic invitation is automatically sent by Novosibirsk Migration Services to the Russian Consulate in your country, whose address you have to specify when submitting your documents. The Institute also sends you the electronic invitation via email. To apply for a visa you should provide the Consulate/Embassy with the printed version of it. We kindly recommend you use this form of invitation. This is the easiest way to apply for a Russian visa, but it only works when you know for sure the city in your country where you will apply for the visa.
  • A paper invitation. ISSC sends a paper invitation to your home address by Express-post. Once you have received the invitation, you should provide it to the Russian Consulate/Embassy in your country to apply for the visa. In some countries you only need to provide a copy of the visa invitation (please, contact the Consulate/Embassy for more information).
For EU countries (except the UK) the invitation processing time can be shortened.
Originals of the documents have to be provided before August 15. You can send originals of the documents by post or bring them yourself.